About me

All photographers seem to have an 'About' page that tells you all about them. So this is mine......

I live in Brighton with my lovely wife, who I met back in our school days, and our two great kids (who admittedly could sleep a bit better than they generally do at the moment). Before the kids we travelled around Asia on honeymoon, we lived in a van driving around New Zealand and busted our bums on old buses round South American. Now apart from playing with the kids and taking photographs I like snowboarding, scootering, riding my mountain bike (preferably downhill), rock pooling with the kids, hanging out with friends, watching TV boxettes and occasionally reading books - if I have a quiet moment.

I studied photography for three years in Manchester but I believe I learnt far more working on the job during my seven years as a press photographer. As a press photographer, you get thrown into all kinds of situations, good ones and bad ones, tricky ones and easy ones. You learn to see things that are likely to happen before they do and be ready for it. I learnt how to deal with, and photograph, kids of all ages, animals of all sizes, and people of all backgrounds. I have worked for charities, national news agencies, large companies, small companies, newspapers and magazines.

I started photographing weddings only after I had been a professional photographer for several years. This is because it is very easy to make mistakes when you start out, whether that’s getting the lighting slightly wrong, not knowing how to pose people in the best way or just not being as technically ofay as you need to be with the camera settings. You can’t afford to make mistakes like those at someone’s wedding. It’s too important. You can’t re-shoot a wedding if something goes wrong so you have to know exactly what you are doing. I made my mistakes years ago so I won’t make them during your wedding.

My office is run in the most eco-friendly way that I can. My whole office is probably at least 95% reclaimed or recycled, I use rechargeable batteries instead of throw away ones, use recycled printer paper and have recycled business cards printed with eco inks. I look at every aspect of my to see how I can change it. I don't just claim to have an eco-policy because that is what people do to try and get 'eco' work, I do it because that is how I live my life. I do it because I believe it is important.