How I Work

All photographers work differently. Some are quiet and stay in the background using a long lens while others like to be more in the thick of it, moving the guests around and setting up pictures. I believe I lie somewhere in the middle. I don’t think a wedding photographer can just stay in the background the whole time as some shots do need a bit of pre-empting or posing. Just as I don’t think a wedding photographer should be right up in people’s faces because no one wants a photographer getting in everyone’s way during their wedding.

I like to mix staying back and watching what's happening, waiting to capture it naturally, with getting involved and gently helping to create natural looking and relaxed pictures. I might see what I know could be a lovely picture and so maybe encourage a bridesmaid or two to go in a particular direction but then leave them to it. It allows people to be themselves; that way they'll be more natural and relaxed. I always work with two cameras - one with a wide angle lens to get in with the action and the other with a long lens to catch people unaware from a distance.

For Group Portraits I like to work as quickly as possible as I know that guests often don’t want to have their time taken up waiting around for pictures. I try to make groups feel relaxed and comfortable looking to get both informal and posed pictures ones at the same time. When I meet with you for the pre-wedding consultation we get the chance to talk over what you're really looking for in your wedding pictures. Sometimes the couple don't really know what they want, or what is possible, so it's also a good chance to talk through different ideas and options that might work well for their particular wedding. I don't believe in working from a standard check list that is the same for every wedding as different things work for different people and no two weddings are ever the same.

I always like to try and visit the venue prior to the wedding, usually a month or so before hand to get a feel for the location and start getting some location ideas in my head before the day. If this is not possible due to the wedding being too far away then I would try to get to the wedding even earlier than I normally would so I can have a look round the wedding venue and the wedding reception before the day gets going.