DF Wedding Photography

So, as you look through various wedding photographers websites I am sure you have come across words and/or terminology that you don’t fully understand.

Here are a few things that you may have seen but would appreciate being explained (if there is anything else you would explained or that you think I should add to this page please contact me and I will add them).



  • Reportage Wedding Photography / Photojournalist Wedding Photography

Bride and groom dancing

This style of wedding photography has been very popular for several years now.

Reportage wedding photography is also called photojournalistic wedding photography.

Basically it means recording the day in photographs just as a press photographer would record a big event, documenting it without interfering and showing it as it is with no interference.

Traditionally, a wedding photographer stage-managed all the pictures so missed the opportunity to capture the true emotions and celebrations of the day. The aim of reportage wedding photography is to capture that atmosphere.

Reportage just a posh wedding word for documentary wedding photography!



  • Copyright

Bride signing the wedding certificate

Ahhhh .. good old copyright.

Often seen as a massive deal breaker anytime you might hire a photographer. I remember sitting through lecture after lecture on copyright laws when I was studying.

Incredibly dull.

Photographers get worked up about it and clients don’t really understand it.

Copyright basically means who owns the photograph. Technically it’s usually the person who actually pressed the button that is generally the copyright owner of it (although copyright can be transferred to another person or company) – but you really don’t need to worry about that…

Copyright is boring, almost as boring as filing a tax return.  Believe me, I know!

All you need to know is that you don’t have to own the copyright of a photograph to be able to print it, email it or put it on a wall and look at it.

All you need is a licence that allows you to do what you want to do. I give you this licence with your wedding photographs. Simple.I let you have your wedding photographs on a disk, with a licence so you can print them whenever you want, save them onto your computer, email them to friends or use one as your latest Facebook profile picture.

The only thing I ask that you don’t do with them is sell them or have them published in a magazine, newspaper or company website..

Some wedding photographers say they will give you the copyright to your wedding photographs. I don’t understand why they do this. I assume it is either part of their sales pitch or maybe they don’t actually understand copyright themselves.  I don’t give you the copyright to your wedding photographs because you don’t need them. .

I give you a licence that allows you to do everything you are likely to want to do with your wedding photographs because that is what you need.



  • Why does the price of everything go up three times when it is for a wedding?

This way to the wedding sign

Now I can’t speak for any other wedding businesses so this is only from a professional wedding photographer point of view.

I must admit that earning around £1,050 for a day’s work looks to be a very good wage, one I would certainly be very happy to live with. However, although it is just one day of me actually taking pictures, the work doesn’t just stop when the cameras go back in the bag and I head home.  As well as the pre wedding meeting, and pre wedding venue visit there are usually three days of editing and processing the photographs before you receive them.

I never give any of my wedding couples any RAW pictures straight out of the camera. This is because digital pictures have a tendency to be quite ‘flat’ in their appearance unlike photographs that are shot on film. I don’t rely heavily on Photoshop unlike some other photographers, but I do believe that a finished picture often benefits from slight adjustments.

So, ultimately you are paying for around four to five days work. Also, once you factor in equipment cost, insurance and so forth then fee should seem even more reasonable.