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Bride and groom kiss in stately hall before reception party begins

Wedding Photography 

Hi, my name’s Danny and I’m a wedding photographer living in Brighton my lovely wife, Kate and our two kids.
I have been a Brighton wedding photographer for about half of my professional photography life. I have photographed weddings all over England including Cornwall, Manchester, Essex, London, and, of course, Brighton. Wherever your wedding might be in the UK I am happy to travel there.
All the normal things that you expect to find in a wedding photographer’s website are here, like my portfolio and a price guide but I also have a “What is page“. The aim of it is to help you understand wedding photography terms like ‘reportage’ and to explain why copyright isn’t such a big deal.
There are a lot of wedding photographers out there some good, some bad, and some just starting out so choose carefully. Find a photographer who is right for you . It is your wedding day which, you may have noticed by now, requires a lot of planning so try and find someone who not only knows what they are doing but also is someone you are both comfortable with. They will probably be with you all day so it’s worth finding a person you both like.
Wedding photography is hard. There is a lot going on for the photographer. Dark churches and bright sunshine are both equally tricky to work with but can provide some beautiful images if the photographer knows what they are doing. You want someone who knows the camera like the back of their hand, understands lighting and can relate to both you and your guests.
Please have a good look round my website, maybe get some new ideas for your wedding from some of my wedding photographs and get in contact if you have any questions or want to meet up for a cup of tea (I don’t do coffee) and a chat.
Good luck with your planning,
Bride laughing with a guest after the ceremony.

Laura & Phillip

“We LOVE our photos!!!!!

Thank you SO much, you really captured the day beautifully, we couldn’t have asked for more, and as I said in my earlier email, it was also just great having you around, keeping me calm, making sure I had my lipstick when I needed it (sorry you had to be my handbag too!), and capturing our day….

Thanks so much”